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Wellness Tips: Are Your Food Rules Helping or Hurting You?

I’ve been noticing some criticism of food rules. Can self-imposed restrictions actually be a problem?

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The Buzz: Alternative Waters

From aloe and artichoke to maple and watermelon, innovative flavored waters promise to both quench your thirst and provide nutrients and electrolytes. Find out if they’re worth it.

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A small plate of broccoli inside a microwave

Wellness Tips: Microwaving Fact and Fiction

Does microwaving food reduce its nutritional value? Is there a cooking method that best preserves the nutrients in food?

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Wellness @ Bon Appétit

At Bon Appétit, we believe good health is about the choices you make every day at every meal. Read on to learn more about healthy eating patterns as well as the community and environmental issues that can affect your well-being.

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Salad in glass storage jars. Four in a neat row.

Is Your Life Changing? Your Healthy Eating Plan Doesn’t Have To

The change of seasons always feels like a good time to reflect and renew any wellness goals, doesn’t it? But it can also mean a shift in your daily routine.

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Seasonal Power Wrap with Sesame-Ginger Dressing

This creative take on a wrap uses fresh, raw green leaves in place of a tortilla along with ingredients you might already have on hand for a seasonal, whole food boost to your day.

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Vegetable with medicine.

Pills vs. Peas: Can Supplements Offer All the Nutrients We Need?

Good marketing, combined with the number of nutrition supplements available on the market, may have you wondering if it’s possible to ditch eating a healthy diet and, instead, get the nutrients you need from pills and powders.

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Meeting Many Needs

At Bon Appétit, we plan café-specific menus and cook from scratch in each location. From simmering stocks to finishing sauces and roasting meats, our approach to food allows us to provide fresh foods from whole ingredients. Our approach allows guests to customize many cafe options to meet their personal dietary goals. We love to hear from you and can assist you in identifying your choices or even prepare foods to meet your needs.

More on Food Allergens

More on Avoiding Gluten

Our Kitchens

We Have No Corporate Recipes

Our kitchen philosophy is simple. We cook from scratch using fresh, authentic ingredients. We start with food in its simplest, most natural form. We purchase local and seasonal products that bring our food alive with flavor and nutrition. Our freezers are small, and our deliveries of fresh produce and whole foods are big.

We care about our guests. We care about what you like, and we care about your health. We know which cooking techniques preserve flavor and nutrition to produce healthy, delicious dishes. Our global cuisine is crafted using hands-on research with real people in real kitchens.

Learn More About Our Kitchen Principles

Tour Our Kitchens

We pay attention to every detail, from the food we choose, the the way it arrives, how it is cooked in the kitchens and served in the café.

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Our Well-Being Commitments

We take a macro view of wellness. Our menus are designed not just to optimize your health, but to help our communities and environment thrive, too. We know our guests have a range of interest in and knowledge of health and nutrition. We aim to meet you where you are and to give you the information and choices that you’re looking for.

Our Promise | In Balance | Nutrition Facts Tables | Portions Matter

Farm To Fork

Farm to Fork is a companywide initiative to buy locally, formalized in 1999. Our first choice is to purchase seasonal ingredients from small, owner-operated farms and ranches within a 150-mile radius of your café — at least 20 percent of every dollar we spend. Food grown locally is fresher, better tasting, and often has greater nutritional value. Our commitment to local food is about preserving biodiversity, protecting open space, supporting family farmers, and keeping money invested in your community.

Learn more about your local farmers

It’s All Connected


A sustainable future for food service means flavorful food that’s healthy and economically viable for all, produced through practices that respect farmers, workers, and animals; nourish the community; and replenish our shared natural resources for future generations.
—Bon Appétit Management Company’s definition of sustainability

Our path toward greater social responsibility and sustainability started as a quest for flavor. When you cook from scratch, you want the freshest ingredients. That led us to launch our Farm to Fork program back in 1999, long before local food became the phenomenon it is today. Working directly with farmers and ranchers opened our eyes to the many problems of our modern food supply: while it is abundant and cheap, it has many hidden costs, such as environmental pollution and worker abuse.

We want to play a part in making it better.

Leading by example

We are proud to be the first food service company to commit to:


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Ask Our Wellness Team

Do you have a specific question about nutrition or the foods that are served in your Bon Appétit café? Please browse the previously asked questions below or contact our wellness team using this form.

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