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Toasted Pepita Pesto

Pesto can be made with almost any nut or seed one desires; this recipe uses pepitas. Toasting the pepitas releases their oils and deepens their flavor for a delicious take on the classic. Serve over whole wheat pasta thinned with a bit of pasta cooking water and topped with halved cherry tomatoes, torn fresh basil leaves, and a sprinkling of Parmesan.

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Incorporate homegrown or local zucchini into your breakfast or lunch routine with these zucchini and chickpea fritters. Served warm, enjoy these fritters as-is, with a drizzle of yogurt, or topped with a poached egg.

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Mother’s Day Fruit Hand-Pies

Materials Large heart shaped cookie cutter (or your favorite shape!) Baking sheet Parchment paper Fork Suggested Ingredients  1 portion pie dough (you can make your own, use a store bought...

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Give tofu a chance — it takes on the flavors of what it’s cooked in! A combination of savory seasonings with a slightly sweet orange sauce, will make this tofu recipe a favorite.

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