Make Meals Social for Better Health

In a world where we’re constantly on the go, sitting at the table for a meal with family or friends might feel like a bit of a luxury (who has time for that?). From catching up on emails and scrolling Instagram to chowing down in the car, eating has become one of the most common ways to multitask. But taking a break and eating with others offers many benefits that may play a role in weight management, disease risk, and even mental health. Need more reasons to enjoy a meal with others? Here are a few to consider. 

  1. You may live longer. Some of the world’s oldest people live in “Blue Zones,” or the areas in which the most centenarians live. The cultures where Blue Zones exist value social connection and family, and eating meals together is ingrained in their lives. In addition, research has connected social relationships with longevity and reduced risk of cardiovascular disease. Connecting over a meal is one way to enhance your social connections. 
  2. Power up your productivity. One study showed that workers with the highest rates of social interaction were also the most productive. Skip the desk lunch and enjoy lunch in the café today. Your boss can’t argue against a boost in productivity! 
  3. Reduce mindless eating. Eating while distracted, especially by screens, may lead to overeating and less satisfaction with your meal. One study showed that smartphone use while eating led to a 15 percent increase in calorie consumption. Another study suggests that being more attentive while you eat may aid in weight management. So, put down your phone, and connect with friends IRL (in real life). 
  4. Enhance the lives of your kids. Eating meals as a family has been linked numerous health benefits for kids and adolescents. This includes improved grades, better nutrition for kids, lower likeliness of a kid becoming a picky eater, lower risk of developing an eating disorder, and many others. If it’s good for the kids, it must be good for us too! 

If you’re in the habit of eating in front of a screen or on-the-run, start by eating two to three meals per week with others. As you begin to reap the benefits, you might find it easier to take a break for a meal more often.