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An Ambitious Climate Commitment

In 2021, Bon Appétit Management Company announced a new climate policy, committing to a reduction of greenhouse gas emissions by 38%, per calorie of food, by 2030. But this commitment was just the latest in a long series of climate actions we’ve taken over the years.

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Low Carbon Culinary Tips

Reduce your individual contribution to climate change by eating more plant-forward, vegetarian, and vegan meals. These low-carbon, plant-forward culinary tips dispel the misconception that eating more plants is boring or has to mean eating no meat at all.

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Four Key Tips

Navigating the complexities of eating a low-carbon diet can seem tough. To prevent a kitchen calamity or existential crisis at Whole Foods or Wegmans, we’ve put together these handy-dandy tips that make low-carbon eating simple, easy, and (dare we say) fun.

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