COVID-19 has meant lots of changes for everyone around the world. We’ve made modified service for your safety…

  • removing tables and chairs to prevent people from congregating in the dining areas
  • adding floor decals to take the guessing out of social distancing
  • enforcing handwashing and station disinfecting protocols every 30 minutes for our employees
  • implementing a new online ordering platform (more information coming soon!)
  • eliminating any self-serving station…let us take care of it for you!
  • taking temperatures of our staff at the beginning of each shift
  • making sure all of our associates are wearing face coverings
  • switching over to disposable plates, bowls, and individually wrapped utensils
  • offering utensils to each guest individually
  • placing hand-sanitizer dispensers at the entrance to the café
  • individually packaging additional grab & go items such as desserts, whole fruit, baked goods, etc.
  • offering individual portions of condiments

Questions or concerns? We’re here for you.

Please email Jason.Rosvall@cafebonappetit.com for assistance and feel encouraged to check out https://www.georgefox.edu/covid19/students/index.html#foodservicefaq for more information.