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Bridge Cafe

Special hours for SUMMER!
  • 12 fl oz$2.25
  • 16 fl oz$2.65
  • 20 fl oz$2.95
0 cal.
@Hot Drinks
  • 12 fl oz$3.45
  • 16 fl oz$4.25
  • 20 fl oz$4.75
80 cal.
@Hot Drinks
  • 12 oz$2.85
  • 16 fl oz$3.25
  • 20 fl oz$3.45
5 cal.
@Hot Drinks
  • 12 fl oz$3.95
  • 16 fl oz$4.65
  • 20 fl oz$4.95
140 cal.
@Hot Drinks
  • 12 fl oz$2.95
  • 16 fl oz$3.45
  • 20 fl oz$3.65
230 cal.
@Hot Drinks
  • 12 fl oz$3.75
  • 16 fl oz$4.45
  • 20 fl oz$4.95
210 cal.
@Hot Drinks
  • 12 fl oz$3.75
  • 16 fl oz$4.45
  • 20 fl oz$4.95
70 cal.
@Hot Drinks
  • 12 fl oz$4.25
  • 16 fl oz$4.95
  • 20 fl oz$5.25
190 cal.
@Hot Drinks

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Eat Right — For You



When it comes to wellness, Bon Appétit’s focus is on simple, delicious food — that happens to be good for you. To support long-term health, we are bringing more plants to menus every day in a craveable way, while emphasizing healthy cooking techniques. When healthy food tastes good, nourishing your body and mind becomes the easy choice.

Our wellness commitments

Food Allergies

We serve thousands of guests with food allergies and sensitivities safely in our cafés every day. Our chefs, managers, and dietitians work closely with our food-allergic guests to create reasonable solutions to help them eat what they love. If you have questions about eating for your dietary needs in our cafés, reach out to us: we’ll gladly meet with you.

Food allergies & sensitivities


Wellness also includes the health of the animals, the workers, the community, and the Earth. They’re all connected. Bon Appétit has been committed to “food service for a sustainable future” for decades, and we’ve led the food service industry in tackling many important issues, such as cage-free eggs, antibiotics in animal production, and farmworker rights.

Our sustainability commitments



Good nutrition is more than just the numbers.

Healthy eating patterns are a result of skills and strategies for managing all types of food…despite the numbers. Knowing the nutritional values of some basic foods can help you learn which foods provide too much or too little of the nutrients that concern you. Bon Appétit has compiled this guide of common nutritional values for many of the basic offerings you will find in our cafés. The numbers here are based on standard nutrient values for these types of foods.

Download PDF: Knowing the Numbers

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Common Questions

  • I’ve been trying to eat a healthier diet. Will I be able to find a healthy food choice in my café?
  • Can you tell me how many calories are in the foods in my café?
  • How will you handle my concerns about a food allergy?
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